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Tue, Jan. 6th, 2009, 07:40 pm
yes yes i know it has been a long time

Ok so my life is boring and there is very little to report, weightloss stalled, got a dog, work still annoying but paying the bills.

What prompts this entry is a musing on high school reunions. My 10 year reunion has just been scheduled for my 28th birthday, and while i have many compelling reasons to make a trip home, I don't think i am going to go. The amount of money it would cost, the pain in the ass of getting passport bullshit settled out, is enough. However, I don't think I would go if it were down the street.

I can literally count on one hand, the number of people from my graduating class that i have spoken to, (with exception of an odd facebook message or friend request) on one hand. Infact since i moved to Canada 6 years ago, the people who i was actually friends with when i moved don't even go out of their way to contact me, so why should i make the trip.

I didn't hate high school, I had a great time, but I knoow for a fact that if social networking sites did not exist, not one of these people would have tried seriously to find me. I had more friends in different grades than in my own. It has been my experience that most people, in my situation,( not popular in high school, career fat kid, etc.)go for some sort of revenge, to see who got fat, who is a giant failure now, to show off massive success or huge weightloss,but seriously though who gives a fuck?

I don't even know why anyone even bothered to tell me, none of those assholes liked me anyway. If i died in a car crash tomorrow, i doubt most of them would join my in memoriam facebook group. I thnk i will stay in Canada and get wasted with people who like me.

Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008, 03:47 pm
starting over

today i joined the Y.
weight : 272.6

bust: 50
under bust: 44
Left arm: 17
right arm: 17
left forearm: 11
right forearm: 11
left wrist: 6.25
right wrist: 6.25

High waist 53
waist 45
low waist 59

hip 58

left thigh 32
right thigh 32
left calf 19
right calf 19
left ankle 10
right ankle 10

Fri, Sep. 8th, 2006, 10:42 am

I have been very secretive generally about an important part of my life, for a very good reason, and now I can talk about it and explain everything, so I will. My Immigration Status, until this week was well nil, I had been overstaying a 3 month visitors pass for about 4 years. Technically I was an illegal alien. This is not how things were planned, It is just kinda how they ended up. I got my citizenship card on Tuesday, along with a social insurance number, and yesterday i accepted a job offer and I start working on the 25th of this month.

Here is an overview and summary of my struggles with CIC. My mom is a canadian citizen, who has been living in the US since she was 8. Her father is a naturalized citizen of the US. Her mother never naturalized. Neither have any of her siblings. When i filled out my little application and sent in my birth certificate and my mothers birth certificate that should have been the end of it, but because my grandfather naturalized they needed his naturalization record, because my mother was still a minor when he naturalized I had to send them a copy of her well out of date alien card (yeah my mom's paperwork in the US is another story all together) this didn't help. So I had to get a letter from the department of homeland security stating that my grandmother was never naturalized, easy right? Not so much. The first time I applied for this letter they told me they needed a copy of her death and birth certificates in order to process this application, and that i had 6 weeks to get this shit together and mail it to them or they would close my case. Awesome! Do you know how long the wait is for a death certificate request from the state of NY? Apparently it is about a fuckin year. Yeah! Anyway, all this was done piece by piece over the course of a couple of years, because well partially because i am a terrible procrastinator, but much of it was because every communication with this office was by snail mail, and because every single agency that you deal with to get a record, requires records to access the records. I heart red tape!!!.

Anyway, technically i was an illegal alien and i wasn't too hot on the idea of la migra catching up with me, so i kept most of this to myself. Any information i gave to others was well vague to say the least. Finally though, after a really really long time. I got my citizenship certificate by mail on Tuesday, the same day i went up to Services Canada and requested my Social Insurance Number. Yesterday I had a job interview with Teletech, which is an inbound call centre and I got the job I wanted. It isn't like the greatest job ever or anything, but it pays 10 bucks an hour, and has killer benefits. Including tuition reimbursement, and medical/dental/vision insurance. Which will kick in in the Spring, (6mo wait). Yay new glasses!!!

I am just super glad that everything is finally resolved, and i can finally have some autonomy and freedom.

Sun, Jun. 4th, 2006, 09:00 am
So Hungry.

I am currently back on the wagon, and have been for about a week. Excercising for about 3 weeks, but actually closely monitoring and limiting my food for about a week. I am keeping myself between 1200 and 1600 calories a day averaging at right about 1400, which has given me lots of success in the past. (I lost 25lbs from August to November of last year, and managed to maintain most of that loss for the entire winter/spring.)

For the past 3 or 4 days though I have been sooo hungry. Like, can't concentrate hungry. I just finished my breakfast (1 cup Kix, 1/2 cup 2% milk, 1 medium banana.[260 cal]) and i could gnaw my arm off. I want my shrunken easily satisfied stomach back. This is really hard. Today I am going to go swimming, but also having a belated birthday dinner at my boyfriends parents house, so that will probably mean more calories than if i made my dinner myself. Which is ok, Sundays are a more relaxed day for food, owing mostly to the swimming. I am drinking water, but probably not enough. Maybe that will help me stay a bit more full.

Tue, May. 30th, 2006, 10:11 am
We have created a monster.

So...I have posted a couple of times about my bun Mr. Mushroom, he is a mini lop i have had him since feb. First some background on his living conditions. He lives in my dining room/dumping ground/craft storage/bunnyroom, he hates linoleum flooring, so he has a 3X5 foot carpet, and a couple of various little mats...that he lives on, he also has a cage, which he almost never goes in. This room is divided from our Living room with our sectional sofa. the end of the bunnies main carpet is about 3 and a half feet away from the back of our sofa. This has led to the bunny looking longingly and begging for pets. Add mat 1, which acts as a runway to the couch, he can come over for pets, when it is not exactly a convenient time for him to be out. So the other night my boyfriend was reaching over and giving him a pet and said, we should give him something to stand on over here that is a bit higher, then he could just hop over. He then proceded to get case full of empty bottles, and ducttape a bit of nonslip matting to the top. Mr. Mushroom happily hops up, on the box, he was up and down the box all the next day. At 5pm i come downstairs from being on the computer, and the bunny was in the living room (thankfully bunny proofed.) sitting on a pile of clean laundry, looking very innocent. Then we kinda started playing this game, he would jump up over the back of the couch, and startle me...we would have some pets time, and then i would put him back in his area. Around bunny bed time, i moved the step figuring he just stop. (Our sofa is very low keep this in mind.)...So my boyfriend is eating his evening snack, (he is diabetic.) and suddenly the bunny launches himself up onto the couch over the back...without using the step. The bunny just realized, he is no longer confined. so now his runway is moved away from the couch...at night, otherwise i will wake up to a mess. (The bunny is litter trained in his area, but not so much in the living room.)

It is entirely unnerving to be quietly reading or knitting and then suddenly BUNNY! right there practically in your lap.

Fri, Feb. 24th, 2006, 09:28 am

LJ Interests meme results

  1. art supplies:
    I love buying art supplies, even if it is for things i don't really do, it is really really bad. Pens, Paper, Pencils, Paint, Beads, Fabric etc etc etc.
  2. books:
    I read voraciously, i have read something like 60 books in the last year. There is just something about having a new book, being the first one to open it. I love the smell of used book stores, all spicy and dark.
  3. cooking:
    I like trying new things, and i am becomming more adventurous with cooking, straying from recipes, taking some stuff from the fridge and winging it etc.
  4. drinking:
    I don't drink that often, but i always have a good time when i do. I am not so much a bar drinker, more of a board game night drinker, at home with friends kind of drinker.
  5. handmade:
    I really enjoy handmade things, and i enjoy making things by hand. I really appreciate the effort expended by those who make things, and i enjoy the meditative quality of making things. I like to sit down with a problem and a project and work them both out together
  6. jhonen vasquez:
    Invader Zim Rules. I dabble in his other works, but I zim.
  7. nonconformity:
    Being yourself is important.
  8. reading:
    I have read more than 60 books in the last year, I will read most anything, but i am trying to read more quality contemporary fiction, and modern classics.
  9. surprise packages:
    I love getting things in the mail that i don't expect.
  10. whimsy:
    I try to take a light hearted attitude in most things, It makes me a better person.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

Fri, Feb. 17th, 2006, 10:17 pm

Baaaaah I am a sheep.


Tue, Feb. 7th, 2006, 03:50 pm

I have a bunny now, his name is Mr. Mushroom, he is a minilop grey and white. I adopted him from a family who could no longer keep him with their other animals. He is very gentle, and not aggressive at all. I am really excited about him.

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